Secure Remote Fingerprinting
for Licensure


FBI Approved Fingerprinting Services

Streamlining FBI fingerprinting compliance for licensure world-wide.

We safely and securely collect, verify and submit, FBI approved fingerprints for purposes requiring licensure from virtually anywhere FedEx® and WebEx® are available using unique patented processes.

TeleFingerprinting™ is a service of International Fingerprint, Inc. and National Fingerprint, Inc., "The NFp Companies."

Services & Company Overview 

Fingerprinting & Licensing Services

Fingerprinting services with ultimate convenience and safety

Fingerprint services couldn't be any more convenient! No matter your location, as long as FedEx® and Webex® are available, we are available to provide fingerprinting services in your home, office, or virtually any place of your choosing.

Remote Fingerprinting

Licensure & Submittals

PermaPrints™ Protection

Fingerprinting & Licensing Services 

COVID-19 Notice

COVID-Safe Fingerprinting Services

TeleFingerprinting™ is the only global COVID-19 isolation-order compliant fingerprinting service. Using modern, secure video conferencing coupled with patented proprietary fingerprint capture methods, we’re able to conduct full-service FBI approved fingerprinting sessions with no physical visit. This renders all COVID precautions N/A.

COVID-19 Service Information 

About TeleFingerprinting™

Helping corporations and individuals meet fingerprinting requirements for licensing and other compliance issues.

TeleFingerprinting™, is a revolutionary U.S. based fingerprinting and licensing service trusted by corporations and executive teams large and small. We provide the only fingerprinting service that removes the barrier of in-person FBI-approved fingerprinting for licensing or other regulatory requirements across numerous industries:

  • Doctors / Telehealth
  • Distance Learning
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Money Transmitting
  • Investor Vetting
  • International Licensing
  • Executive Overseas Deployment
  • Apostille & Certification
  • Embassy Coordination
  • Online Gaming / Entertainment
  • Cannabiculture
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Personal FBI Record Checks

Some of the Companies We've Served